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What is DataHack?

DataHack is the first data-driven hackathon in Israel, designed to bring together the Israeli data community. The hackathon is a 48-hours event where data enthusiatic programmers, designers and researchers combine their skills to build innovative solutions for real world problems. Registration is open to all, but applications will be carefully reviewed for skills and experience. Participants may form teams of up to 5 people, and will have complete freedom selecting data, tools and project ideas.

Information for Participants

  • Location

    The Alliance House - Ki'akh 5, Jerusalem. The event will be hosted in partnership with and using spaces of both MassChallenge Israel and New Spirit.

  • Theme

    DataHack is all about data. Every project is required to include processing and/or analysis of some interesting data at its core.

  • Date

    DataHack 2017 will take place between Wednesday, 15:30, October 25th and Friday, 13:30, October 27th, 2017.

  • Participation

    Registration to the event is open to all - students, researches, designers and industry professionals. Teams of up to 5 people may register.

  • Data

    We will provide you with different data sets from our sponsors, partners and online sources, but you are free to bring your own data.

  • Community

    Besides a yearly hackathon, DataHack is also a vibrant community of data scientists and machine learning experts in which you can take part through our Facebook page, the DataTalks meetup series and our newsletter!




6000 NIS


3000 NIS


1500 NIS

Data Challenges

Some of our sponsors are offering cool challenges for you to tackle, with awesome prizes for the winning team of each challenge. Each challenge will have teams competing to create the best solution to a specific problem over a specific data set or API. Read along to find out more! Additionally, we have a curated list of cool and interesting datasets with some ideas for things to try on them:
Don't forget, though - you can work on any dataset or API you want!

  • ML for social good

    Are you passionate about making the world a better place? Are you excited to use AI for the benefit of mankind? Intel, DataHack 2017's co-host, is posing the AI for Social Good Challenge. Intel will award a cool prize to each member of the team whose project most effectively utilizes AI to address a social issue.

  • It Takes a Rocket (data) Scientist !

    Ever wondered how it feels to press the red button and take down missiles? Well this challenge will get you fairly close to that goal! You will be provided with short length trajectories (5-15s) and you’ll need to decide what type of threat you are facing. This challenge, provided by Rafael, combines both supervised and unsupervised learning.
    learn more here

  • Instagram Challenge

    You think finding a needle in a haystack is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy? Well you’re in for a treat! In the instagram challenge you will receive ~1M photos taken from 10K albums, your task will be to find the images that belong to the album’s owner. But not to worry, OrCam is here to help (a bit) - for each image you will be given some metadata and a descriptor for the face residing in it.

  • Word Disambiguation

    Did you always dream about being a detective? In that case we’ve got a great mystery for you to solve! In the word disambiguation challenge you will receive a sentence and a single token, you will then need to utilize all of your detective skills to find the right Wikipedia page defining this token.

The Judges

  • Inbal Orpaz

    Tech Reporter, The Marker

  • Dr. Amitai Armon

    Chief Data Scientist, Intel Advanced Analytics

  • Prof. Ely Porat

    Professor, Department of Computer Science, Bar-Ilan University

  • Dr. Matan Gavish

    Assistant Professor, The School of Computer Science and Engineering, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

  • Dr. Roi Reichart

    Assistant Professor, The Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management, The Technion


The DataTalks meetup series is hosted by different companies, with each meetup usually featuring two speakers. Talks touch on a variety of subjects in machine learning, statistics, data engineering and other data science related topics. Besides the year-round meetup series, we also host the yearly DataTalks mini-conference on the middle day of each year's DataHack, giving hackathon participants access to a series of techincal and theoretical talks, and allowing hackers and mini-conference attendants to mingle.